about the process: HER

Her, 2020

Unique mixed media prints by Brian Buckley

HER is a group of portraits, each a unique photogram on paper coated with a mixture of light-sensitive chemistry and various pigments.

Reflecting on relationships, and one’s fears of intimacy. Her, at times is not one woman, or man, but a reference to my love and loss throughout life. Love is an intoxicating, euphoric dream; while at times, a painful virus that can steal your breath and your heart.

In each work, I am asking all of us to feel or remember her, him, it, or them.

Each image is created in one moment, and is NOT reworked in anyway. When the subject makes contact with the paper coated mixtures and is exposed to light. The interaction/reaction is the final record. This date is included in the title.

Each photogram is a record of the moment it was created in the studio. Much of this niche area of chemical photography is still in progress.

written in May 2020